Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Visit at Nana & Papa's House

A few weeks ago Kenny had a 6 day trip so Van, Pilot and I made a trip up to Leona Valley to visit my parents and Jamie, David & Jeffrey. Half way there, Kenny found out his trip had been canceled... he ended up picking up more flights which is good because I was not about to turn around a drive home!

We had fun and it was so nice to be able to be up there instead of home alone :)

Papa loved feeding Van!

Van LOVES Auntie Jamie

...and Uncle David too!

The cousins loved hanging out!

Jeffery loved having Van and Pilot there. Every time Van would cry he would run to tell everyone that "Baby Juan" was crying and made sure that we all did something about it :)


Jim and Jolene said...

FUN times!
Love you!

Danny and Tonita said...

Cute pictures...I love "Baby Juan"