Monday, May 11, 2009

Van's Photo Shoot

The entire family came down on Friday for our little guy's 4D Ultrasound. We had a full house with me & Kenny, my parents, Kenny's parents, Uncle Eric & Auntie Sheree, Uncle David, Auntie Jamie & Cousin Jeffrey and my grandparents- Mema & Grandpa Earl.

Although I drank 3 glasses of coke before the ultrasound, Van was dead asleep and wouldn't wake up for anything. He was still in the breech position and his little feet and hands were up covering his face. After a bottle of water and some stretching on the floor (with the entire family watching!) I laid back down to try again, but he is a stubborn little fella and still refused to move! The ultrasound tech pushed and prodded on my belly and tried to grab his feet to move them out of the way. It was pretty uncomfortable, but we did manage to get some shots of his little face!

Once she finally got a clear view of him, she kept commenting on how much hair he already has and how well defined his lips were and how long he seems to be. She had to have said that 5+ times! She was never clear about if all that hair was just on his head or if we are going to end up with a baby Sasquatch!

Looking at his pictures, he seems to look like Kenny from the lips down and me from the nose up. And of course, will have tons of hair like both of us!

I can't wait to see him in person. Only 2 months to go!

Check out all of his pictures from the ultrasound at our Shutterfly account.


Jim and Jolene said...

What an adorable grandson we have!
We love you three!

Julie said...

What amazing technology that allows you to see the face of your son before he's born. I love the name, and he's an adorable little guy. God bless you three...