Friday, October 24, 2008

A rootin' tootin' start to the weekend...


The exciting and dangerous stunts in the post were performed
by professionals under highly controlled conditions.

Do NOT attempt this at home. (especially if you have children nearby)


It is Friday afternoon and both Jen and I are home early. So how do we kill a couple hours before starting dinner?

A balloon shoot-out! Please notice the safety backstop (a green pillow) and the carnage stuck to the walls! (poor little balloons never had a chance!)

After we got sighted in with the stationary balloons, I had Jen hide in the guest bathroom and fling a balloon into the hallway for a "moving target." We both took turns shooting at the rubber over-sized pigeons.

You might be wondering what she is pointing at? Wwwwweeeeeeellllllllll, if you toss a small balloon into the air and then shoot it with a Daisy Red Rider Single Pump Action BB Rifle you get a popped balloon, two cries of joy, one scared black dog AND a hole in the bedroom door. Yes, the hollow core pre-fab door does not quite stand up to taking a round. (ha - get it? "round" as in a shot and a BB - never mind).

All in all, it was blast!

Turn your volume up!


Jim and Jolene said...

You two crack us up!!!!!!

Danny and Tonita said...

Looks like fun! Glad that we could help with that :) Love you!