Friday, August 15, 2008

New Design: Just Julie

Julie contacted me a few weeks ago and wanted to start her first blog. She is such a sweet lady that gives of her time as she does foster care for four women with mental retardation who live with her 24/7, and her husband was also diagnosed with Parkinson's two years ago. She feels that having a blog will be a way to make her feel like she can still reach out and be a part of her friends' and loved ones' lives. I wanted to giver her a design that she loved that made her site feel like a home on the internet.

Based on her comments, I think I did ok :)

"Welcome to my blog! Isn’t it the neatest space? I worked with Jen at Swank Webstyle and she was a creative delight.

As I look at the elements on the page, they stand for so much of what I most cherish: my family, and the quiet times in my chair when God speaks truth and hope to my heart through His Word and through His creation. You can see that my three beloved daughters are represented here. Sharon, my oldest daughter, hand paints and sells beautiful yarns. Carolyn, my middle daughter, is a gifted actress and singer. Sara, my youngest daughter, is an amazing and creative floral designer. There is so much more to say about them and about life, but that’s what a blog is for, and those posts will be forthcoming."

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Julie said...

Well now, THAT was exciting to see! Thank you for your kind comments, Jen. You are a joy and I'm so thankful for what you've done. Now let's hope that aside from idle chatter, I can use this forum for His good pleasure too.