Tuesday, February 19, 2008

From Snow to Surf

San Diego is the coolest place to live... ever! And trust us, we have been all around the world.

On Sunday we loaded up the Explorer and headed up to the mountains 20 minutes away. There was still snow and Pilot had a great time playing in it. It was so deep in some places he would fall in if he landed too hard!

After spending some time in the mountains we stopped at home and swapped out the cars and headed to the beach for a little surf, sand and seafood.

We had a great crab and shrimp dinner and then went for a walk on Crystal Pier.

Yep, San Diego is the best. Where else can you spend the day playing in the snow, watching dolphins play in the ocean, and walk on the beach... and in 72 degree temperatures the entire time. We love this town!




Jim & Jolene said...

It looks like you guys had a fun weekend!
Pilot is so cute as a "pupsicle"!
Love you!

blakeandallison said...

Nice joke Jolene, made me laugh!

That is pretty impressive - beach to snow. We can do water, water, water, in three different directions within a few miles each direction! It actually is sometimes hard to get your bearings.