Sunday, January 06, 2008

Subway, Eat Fresh!

It was a dark and stormy night, actually it has been all weekend. So what do we do on a dark and stormy Sunday night?

Well, let’s go back a few days…. we had purchased a bag of potatoes because wanted to have baked potatoes for dinner one night and everyone knows that you can buy two potatoes by the pound which runs you like $2.00 or you can commit and buy way more than you really need and get the 5 pound bag for only $2.98! (gluttony and overspending – we are good Americans!)

We have two of the five hundred potatoes that we bought as bakers, so what do you do with the rest?

It was a dark and stormy Sunday night and we were going to make potato salad. Its easy right? Potatoes, eggs, mayonnaise, mustard….stir!

We got half way through when we realized we had a mayo shortage. ARG, and we only needed four ingredients! Curses. Now we need to make a store run, and we have to do it fast because potato salad is best when it is still warm. Me, Jen and Pilot hop into the Prius to run down to the grocery store about a mile and half away. Just before we get to the stop light, Jen remembers the mini-mart on the corner not barely 100 yards from the house. We make the left turn and we are there.

Jen and I scour the aisles in the mini-mart and all we come up with is Miracle Whip. While I am not even quite sure what mayo is…what the heck is Miracle Whip? That will not work.

But wait! There is a Subway inside the mini-mart. They have mayo right? I get into line.

“Uh yeah, I’d like a cup of mayo please…?”

“Umm, mayo?”

“Mmm, yeah, mayo, you see….”

Other Subway employee girl, “Just give him some mayo.” (Okay, make the crazy man happy so he does not kill us all.)

“How much?”

“A cup or so.”

A two dollar tip and I was back in the car.

PS – the potato salad was good.


Jim & Jolene said...

Mmmmmmm...looks good!

Jim says that he's running low on ammo...can you check the sherriffs station in Santee for a special on 9's cuz Walmart is too far away!!!

Too funny :)

The Cutter Family said...

That is hilarious ... and disgusting! That was very resourceful of you. Good job!

Danny and Tonita said...

Mmmm....mayo! :)