Monday, April 16, 2007

Go Hug-a-Tree

I guess we are officially tree-huggers now. Today we bought a Prius! We love our new "green" car. Of course the Hybrid technology and 55+ mpg influenced us, but what really sealed the deal were the awesome features like the navigation system and blue tooth... yeah, we are suckers for cool gadgets! The biggest push to get the Prius had to be that last week, our mechanic told us that our 1994 Pontiac Grand Am had seen better days and was going to cost waaay more than it was worth to fix. Yippee for our first grown-up car purchase :)

A new car!

Jen ♥'s her Prius

Of course, Kenny had to drive it first!

Only 1 mile on the car!

Don't we look happy saving the planet :)


Jim & Jolene said...

Let us be the first to congratulate you on the purchase of your new car!

Now that baby up here so we can see it in person!

It will ALWAYS be cheaper for you to drive here in your tree hugger car than our politically incorrect suburban! :)

Love you

David, Jamie & Jeffrey said...

We are so happy for you guys! We can't wait to see the new car. The car sounds really cool with all of those neat gadgets. Congratulations!!!!!!!!

blakeandallison said...

I think you need to break it in on a road trip : )

Congrats. . . saving the planet one car at a time!

Have you heard about that new tv network coming in '08, it's all about living green.

Anonymous said...

Yo - Can we borrow your car? The new one! Very cool. Did you get one each? Mom & Dad S.

Danny and Tonita said...

We LOVE your new car! :) Now let's plan a road trip after your Peru trip!

Joy said...

Nice car! Glad you are doing your part for God's amazing creation - since we are ruining it with our big 'ole Excursion!

Anonymous said...

Chicken, chiken and more chiken!