Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I poisoned my husband

Well, I am hoping it was just the flu and not food poisoning, but one way or the other, Kenny and I were both SICK this weekend.

This was not your normal, I'm-not-feeling-so-well-upset-stomach kind of sick. Nope, it was a run-to-the-bathroom-as-fast-as-you-can-without-passing-out kind of sick. I will spare you all the gory details.

Poor Kenny was way sicker than I was and lost over 15 pounds :( He was supposed to leave on Friday for a 3 day trip to Reno, but figured the passengers might not want a pilot who couldn't even stand up... not to mention fly a plane!

Since we couldn't move Friday or Saturday, the sweet, sweet angel of mercy, Tonita brought us Gatorade, meds and 7-up. I am not sure if we said it at the time because we were basically unconscious, but Thank You Tonita!

Sunday we managed to drag ourselves out of bed and made it to the couch. PBS had all four hours of Anne of Green Gables playing and I amazed Kenny by almost perfectly quoting some of Anne's poems... come on... doesn't everyone know The Lady of Shalott and The Highwayman?!? Kenny asked me when I was going to start using my memorization powers for evil instead of good- LOL :)

We also watched Swiss Family Robinson. It was a good day minus the shooting stomach pains. Although Kenny asks that the next time I want him to stay home for a weekend and not go on a trip… just ask... no more poisoning :)


Danny and Tonita said...

Hope you're both feeling better; and YES I know The Lady of Shallott and The Highway Man...although I don't know if I still remember them all the way! :) However I'm sure I could quote a good portion of the Anne of Green Gables movies too! (maybe it's a girl thing?) :)

Jim & Jolene said...

So no more "BFF" for Kenny?????? We are sad:(
We will let you borrow the rest of the Anne collection, but you can only watch it if you are not sick! We are glad that you both are feeling better! Did puppy get sick too? That would have been even worse. We love you:)

blakeandallison said...

That sound horrible! That is the worst kind of sick. Did you slip him frogs breath or worms wort. . .um scrumptious. (I hope you get my joke)

Kenny & Jen said...

Nothing is more suspicious than frog's breath! :)