Tuesday, April 24, 2007


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  • Kenny...
  • The meanest Nurse in history...
  • and 3 large needles...

Farewell Pontiac...

...How we will miss thee!

We (and by "we" I mean "I"... haha) sold the Pontiac this weekend! Yippeee! To top off the joy of selling the car was the fact that we got full asking price and sold it in less than a week.

Kenny was home yesterday and we were able to sign the car over and get our money! He had a grand ol' time trying to get the car Smogged... it passed just fine, but he had to go to three different places! Another lesson learned... Just like coupons for carpet cleaning... coupons for a cheap SMOG inspection at a place called "Trust SMOG Test" should NEVER be used!

Friday, April 20, 2007

The countdown begins...

We leave for South America in less than a month!!! Still saving up for that llama ride :)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Go Hug-a-Tree

I guess we are officially tree-huggers now. Today we bought a Prius! We love our new "green" car. Of course the Hybrid technology and 55+ mpg influenced us, but what really sealed the deal were the awesome features like the navigation system and blue tooth... yeah, we are suckers for cool gadgets! The biggest push to get the Prius had to be that last week, our mechanic told us that our 1994 Pontiac Grand Am had seen better days and was going to cost waaay more than it was worth to fix. Yippee for our first grown-up car purchase :)

A new car!

Jen ♥'s her Prius

Of course, Kenny had to drive it first!

Only 1 mile on the car!

Don't we look happy saving the planet :)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Jeffrey :)

At almost 4 months, Jeffrey is walking! Well, maybe not yet, but he is rolling over and lookin' cute :) Be sure to head over to David & Jamie's blog to watch the video and check up on my little nephew!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Kern Valley Airport Camping

Kenny didn't have to work last weekend, so we decided to pick up last minute and fly to Kern Valley Airport for a quick camping getaway. The airport has a little camping area on the field and is just yards away from the Kern River. The 2 hour flight was uneventful and Pilot did just fine... although he never left our laps!

A few minutes after we landed, David, Jamie & Jeffrey showed up and we went into town for a great lunch at Los Juacalitos- a local Mexican food restaurant with a fun name to pronounce (at least to me & Jamie... Juacalitos!) After lunch, we did a few geocaches and David introduced Jeffrey to the Kern River. We had a blast hanging out and seeing Jeffrey again (and David & Jamie!)

That evening Kenny and I tried our luck at fishing the river. After only a half an hour of fishing, Kenny landed a decent rainbow trout. Soon the wind began to pick up and we were forced to quit for the night.

We started a campfire and had a yummy dinner of roasted marshmallows! YUM!

Thanks to our new sleeping bags, we had warm night's sleep... at least for us... Pilot almost froze to death! After climbing in between us in the middle of the night he fared much better.

The next morning we tried fishing again, but had no luck. We then packed up our stuff, found another geocache that was only feet away from where we had slept, washed up in the "shower" (just kidding), headed over the cafe for breakfast, and then flew home.

What a fun weekend! We are hoping to go airplane camping again soon.